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WordPress VS Joomla “Which to Choose?”

Choosing a Content Management System (CMS) is a tricky decision that could have long term consequences for your website. There are numerous CMS available in this fast age of today, but you should know which CMS is better for the type of website you want to build due to the fact that each CMS has its own set of themes and extensions that your website uses, rendering it incompatible with the others. But why WordPress and Joomla?

Out of multiple open-source CMS available online, 2 content management systems are far the most renowned and have won the hearts of website developers for creating websites in the industry which are:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla

Both of these content management systems are highly capable to design a modern, feature-rich website. Choosing a wrong platform that is way too simple or sometimes way too complicated might become a headache for you.

Well, what is WORDPRESS and JOOMLA?


WordPress CMS

WORDPRESS is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that helps the user to create and manage a website easily.

According to a survey, WORDPRESS runs 45% of websites on the internet and the rest 55% are run by all other platforms which clearly shows that WORDPRESS is a majority user platform.

Wordpress Stats



Joomla CMS

JOOMLA is an award winning CMS that enables the user to create and manage websites just like WORDPRESS. It was launched in 2005 just 2 years after WORDPRESS. According to survey, 2.5 million websites run on JOOMLA.


So, We have broken down the features with comparison of both CMS so that it would be easier for you to choose the right one for your next website.


WordPress is more of an easy and also user-friendly for beginner CMS. It’s less complicated than Joomla . WordPress is so simple to install, the time and effort required to put up a website is minimal. Within a few hours, you can have a simple website running.

JOOMLA has a stronger framework

Joomla is more than just a set of tools for creating and managing a website like WORDPRESS. Using Joomla’s core code, it provides a complete strong foundation for building your own web apps making it more of a professional service provider and reliable.

Anyone can use WORDPRESS

Anyone with even minimal computer skills can use WORDPRESS, which is far more user-friendly than JOOMLA. Installing a new plugin or changing the theme, for example, is more easier than with JOOMLA. It isn’t just for professionals who know how to code.

JOOMLA allows an open ground

JOOMLA, as previously stated, is an open free ground and heaven for coders to create a website in whatever way they desire. It allows developers to expand their functionality while not limiting their coding abilities. It enables for additional personalization. JOOMLA gives developers and designers a little more freedom than WORDPRESS.

WORDPRESS and JOOMLA Customization

Both CMS are fantastic platforms with hundreds of extensions and themes, but WORDPRESS is easier to use because you can completely change the page’s plugins and add features with just a few clicks. WORDPRESS customization is more for beginners than JOOMLA customization, which is more for experts such as professional developers. In terms of themes, though, WORDPRESS triumphs over JOOMLA.

Content Potential

Both CMS can handle a large amount of content, but JOOMLA is said to be ahead because it was built from the ground up for content management, whereas WORDPRESS was first released as a blogging platform, which I believe is a myth. WORDPRESS can manage the same amount of data as JOOMLA.

Which is more SEO Friendly?

Both of these systems, to be honest, are SEO-centric, with built-in plugins and extensions. In terms of SEO plugins like Yoast, WordPress is more user-friendly, but JOOMLA offers EFSEO. Both of these SEO tools include a variety of features that may assist you in attracting a large amount of visitors to your website through extensive analysis.

WORDPRESS is better for Blog posts site

In comparison to JOOMLA, WORDPRESS provides simple and controllable blog posting choices. You can add, amend, or delete a blog post with only one click. It doesn’t take long for you to become used to it. JOOMLA does not have the same features and is mostly used to create e-commerce sites.

Themes and extensions

Both WORDPRESS and JOOMLA offer hundreds of free themes and plugins for creating a professional-looking website. When comparing the two, WORDPRESS has a lot more options. WORDPRESS draws more developers to create plugins for this CMS because it powers nearly half of all websites on the internet.

Easy and free installation

Both WORDPRESS and JOOMLA offer a free and one-click download. WORDPRESS, on the other hand, appears to be a little less complicated than JOOMLA after downloading. Because of a variety of factors, installing JOOMLA via cPanel becomes a bit hard and time-consuming.


Infected CMS Stats

WORDPRESS security features are largely plugin-based and do not support two-factor authentication, but JOOMLA has both an option to force SSL connections and another for two-factor authentication. It has its own set of security features as well. Both platforms provide third-party security plugins, and both platforms respond quickly to security threats and attacks, but WORDPRESS is a target for most hackers because it hosts the majority of websites, and there may be vulnerabilities in plugins that allow for hacking, as well as human error, which should always be considered. To maintain your website secure on both CMS, keep the core system, as well as all plugins, extensions, themes, and templates, updated on a regular basis..

Lingual Support

Both WORDPRESS and JOOMLA accept a variety of languages and do not provide users with any language barriers or difficulties when using them. Language management is also permitted.

Customer Support

WORDPRESS community forums and JOOMLA community forums both provide access to a wide range of information. All you have to do now is conduct some study into the query you’re looking for. There are a few more platforms that offer tutorials as well, but you should start by looking at the JOOMLA and WORDPRESS help pages.

To Conclude

Finally, we believe that the choice between WordPress and Joomla comes down to the end user’s technical experience and the type of website they require. WordPress has been a better choice for users in most instances, but Joomla is still a very robust platform on which to develop a website.

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