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How To Get Traffic On Your Website Easily

With the internet and technology evolving around us, it is necessary to have a website for our business or anything that we do. Websites are an easy and convenient way to communicate with the customers and provide them information about your brand that is vital for you to grow.
Having to increase traffic means increasing conversions that is actually the main goal of online business strategy. You’re succeeding in your goal if your conversion rate is growing.
Another important factor to consider is converting targeted traffic audiences into potential customers that can open doors for you to succeed.
But how can we increase the amount of people who visit our site? We’ve put together a list of ideas to help you boost the amount of visitors to your website:

SEO Is Key To Traffic

SEO is the key to making a website visible and search engine friendly. It consists of two stages

On-site SEO

Also known as technical SEO

Off site SEO

Also known as link building.
SEO Traffic

It is the key to traffic for any website. Keyword research, analysis are vital for websites to rank on search engines. For example, use keywords in the meta description, page title, the URL, headers etc. Search engine optimization (SEO) is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to achieve consistent, long-term results online. Optimizing the site and making it faster results in more visitors as people usually prefer less time consuming websites. It is the process of making it easier for Google to crawl your site and rank it, so it is easily accessible for the user searching for a particular service or business.
-According to a research, search is the no # 1 traffic driver for websites, beating social media.
Benefits Of Social MediaWhen a user is searching for anything on search engines, he usually opens the first top 4 links. When your website continues to rank highly in Google, you will be able to attract passive organic traffic to your site in the long run.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be used to make or break a business, These platforms if used right can transform the conversion rate of your business and drive traffic. You can reach almost one-third of the total population of the world through social media then why imagine how much traffic you can generate via these platforms?
According to a research,
– Almost 8 out of 10 marketers say increasing traffic is a benefit of social media marketing.
– 91% of the marketers use Facebook and 85% use Instagram in their campaigns.
But first you need to know how to use these platforms for this purpose, the first of all is;

Knowing your customers

Knowing what kind of customer base your service or website attracts is the key to your social media profile theme. If your page does not appeal to the targeted viewer he won’t scroll through the website.

Choosing the right platforms

Choose a platform that suits your business and which targets the niche your website is based on so that more and more visitors can be generated through social media traffic.

Providing links to your website

Provide the URL of your website on your content, posts, bio and contact info so that it is easier for the potential customer to view your website and build traffic.
Use these platforms to build a relationship with customers and interact with them.

Website responsiveness

If your website isn’t responsive, you will experience a high decrease in driving traffic to your website. You’ll have a difficult time meeting your digital goals as well. Responsiveness on all devices of a website is necessary in this fast moving digital age and user moving to different devices
What is a responsive website?
A responsive website design ensures that your site supports and adapts to all screens, devices which could be:

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Desktop
  • Tablets

or any platforms your customers use, it should provide the same experience.
Over 50% of the website traffic comes from mobile phone devices as almost 70% people surf the internet on phones and prefer buying on through mobile responsive sites. A mobile user expects a consistent, smooth surfing experience across all devices. A website that isn’t mobile responsive or does not provide the same user experience can frustrate users and you can use potential traffic. Responsive websites also increase SEO value mentioned above.

Referral traffic

Referral links can be explained as your links embedded on a website that leads the user to another website. it sends potential visitors to your website from trusted websites with your link. It is also called link juice. The more the links, the more the juice resulting in more traffic!
Referral links not just drive traffic but make your website SEO friendly, when a visitor is referred or directed to your website he usually clicks some list or completes some activity which Google recognizes as a positive ranking factor as they are coming from trusted websites.
How Google Analytics show referral report:
Referral Traffic StatsSo, how do we embed links?

Guest Posting:

The answer is Guest Posting! start doing blog posts on blogger sites and embed links in the blog to your website. The blog readers might be interested in the particular topic and click on links that refer them to a website that offers the same niche. This could drive a lot of traffic as there are countless blogging sources available on the internet.

Review Websites:

Another way is getting published on review websites. The users usually scrolling through these sites are at the decision making stage of buying or using a service which could result in more traffic and business growth for your site.

Directory websites

Submitting your websites on these online directories is another way of bringing traffic to your website. These directories allow backlinking from their website to your website.

Hire influencers

Influencers having potential followers are changing the game of brand promotion or website traffic. You don’t need to hire expensive companies, instead you can hire social media influencers to market your website which
can turn their followers into your web visitors and provide traffic. Seek influencers that attract the market you work for or the service you provide.
The consumers usually prefer individuals with specific service knowledge and go through sources referred by them. These influencers usually provide website links in their bio, posts or stories on Instagram or facebook that sends their followers to your site.

Competitor analysis For Traffic

A competitive analysis is a technique for identifying competitors and determining their strengths and shortcomings in relation to your business.
It is never late to learn from others. Competitors analysis has transformed small startups into big enterprises which is the beauty of the digital world!
 What do I consider when doing a competitor analysis?

SEO strategies

An SEO competitor analysis is the process of analyzing the database and seo strategies of websites that rank higher on search engines, focusing on their keywords and content. Some tools you can use are:

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • SpyFu
  • Google


Considering what type of audience they’re engaging and what type of product.. What kind of website or service is appealing according to the demographic of the potential viewer.


Obviously, internet traffic is not the only thing your company requires, and depending on your industry and target market, you must keep this in mind as you develop your marketing strategy. However, your website can make a significant contribution to the success of your company!

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