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contao CMS Services

Web Vital is one of few web development companies in the USA that offers Contao CMS development services. We can handle any type of complexity  in Contao CMS projects through our years of experience in development.

Contao CMS

what makes contao different?

As an open source CMS, Our developers are well-versed with the ways to make it easy and adaptable according to your requirements. Con­tao features everything you need, including the:

Contao Services

Describe your project and the objectives you hope to accomplish with it so that we can identify the finest and most affordable option for you. Our services include

Web applications development

We have an experienced in-house development team that codes with the finest web development standards.We offer full-stack development of Contao web applications with support throughout the development phase. Be it contao webshop or cms contao for your business or service. We will take care of all the technical contao implementations. 

Design implementation

With the help of modern technologies and following up-to-date practises for the web, we provide PSD to Contao or static HTML design implementations. We will then do the contao installations to convert your designs into working files & features.

Related services

Contao Support & Maintenance

We keep in check for your contao updates and upgrations and make sure your website is up and running.

Contao extension development

Whether you require a custom or any other Contao extension we deliver is seamlessly on time


We Make It Secure

In Contao, we use cutting-edge password hashing algorithms and supports 2-factor authentication for securing user accounts. Additionally, user accounts are automatically locked if there are too many unsuccessful login attempts.

We Make It SEO-Friendly

From title description to site's URL optimization and getting it indexed by search engines, our SEO experts know the right strategies to rank your website on search engines.We believe search engine visibility is crucial for growth of any business.

Our purpose is to build solutions that remove barriers preventing people from doing their best work.

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