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13 Shopify Features That Skyrocket An Online Store

What is Shopify?

Shopify is the trending e-commerce platform of 2022 which helps you manage and run your online store world-wide. You don’t have to be a developer neither will you need technical knowledge. Shopify is easy and quick and lets you create a custom or customize an attractive and professional online store in a matter of hours.

It’s scalable and very well designed which makes it a paradise for online sellers.

Let’s dig in through the 13 features which may boost your Shopify store sales:

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery:

One of the biggest drawbacks of an online store is most people visit your store, add products to cart and abandon the website. According to a survey, 70% of online buyers abandon carts without buying anything on online stores. Shopify has this problem solved for you. On Shopify, you get a list of customers who added items on cart and then left. With a standard Shopify plan you can send emails to these potential buyers manually while upgrading to Shopify advanced plan, you can automate this process.

2. Track Your Best Buyers through Profiles:

When you have a physical store, you get to see your best customers physically and interact while building a good will. Where as on an online store you cannot, this platform has got you covered here as well. One of the most useful features of Shopify is that you can track your most regular or potential customers in case they’re irregular. All they have to do is make an account before purchase. Now you can know the purchase history of the customer which would help you knowing what would be your next product that can be sold the most. 

  • How to activate customer accounts on Shopify? 

Go to Settings then checkout. Now select “optional” or “mandatory” for the customer accounts area. Customers will now be prompted to sign in or establish an account before they can purchase any items.

3. Integrate Shopify Store With Facebook

If you have a decent following on Facebook and you think you can catch potential clients through that platform ,integrating Shopify with your Facebook can ensure a smooth sales process. Customers will not be redirected to the website instead they can easily buy from your Facebook shop button. You can manage everything from a single platform because the Facebook store uses an API to seamlessly sync payments and inventory with your Shopify account.

4. Shopify is Mobile Ready

Shopify is Mobile Ready

As the technology is advancing, Mobile visits on websites have become significantly higher than on desktops and it has become mandatory to have an online store that runs smoothly on Mobile phones as well so that you don’t lose out the majority of potential sales that could be gained while walking or sitting anywhere through phones. Well, Shopify themes and designs are all mobile ready and it consists of a free built-in mobile ecommerce shopping cart which would make your online store equally attractive and responsive on all devices. Your customers can shop from you’re store from anywhere.

5. Best Payment gateway

Having a store, your general goal is making profits and Shopify charges less transaction fee as compared to other ecommerce platforms and also saves you the cost of third-party payment ways by offering its own payment gateway powered by Stripe. You may also establish, optimize, and coordinate your sales channels across your own web stores, alternative marketplaces, social media, messaging applications, and physical stores when using Shopify.

6. Shopify offers SAAS:

Shopify offers SAAS (Software as a Service) that has numerous benefits. It comes with this cost effective advantage that saves you the expense of hiring manpower for maintenance. All the headaches will like payment gateways, hosting and deployment, site maintenance will be managed by the Shopify team. You have full control over your business and can run it hassle-free without the worry for tech maintenance.

7. Schedule Product Publishing With Shopify

Another handy feature of Shopify which lets you schedule your product content for future for example; You want to upload your summer t-shirts collection today and want it published after 3 days, You just have to choose the date and time from the calendar item. It will automatically upload the images information or anything you have added to the specified time and date.

8. SEO & Marketing with Shopify

A visually appealing website is important but what’s the use if its not visible to potential users? This is another plus feature of Shopify is its strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, which can help your website rank higher in search results so buyers can find you. Web content, such as title tags, image alt text, descriptions, etc., can also be easily edited and customized. There are numerous apps available on the app store including email marketing, product reviews and social media integration. For digital marketing, it features Shopify kit, which helps as an employee and provides recommendations and implements strategies and tasks based on your audience.  

9. Easiest Search

One of the best yet simple features of Shopify is its easy search. You can simply press ‘’S’’ and tap on the search icon and can search for whatever item you’re looking for. You won’t have any difficulty in finding any product which is one of the most frustrating things when you open an online store and can’t find the product you want as there are so many things making it complicated

10. Inventory Analytics

In-context product analytics, a tool that enables you to view the performance of important inventory indicators like sell-through rate and days of inventory remaining, was just introduced by Shopify recently. In brief, it enables you to manage the risks associated with both overstocking and understocking by enabling you to observe and keep track of your fastest-selling products.

11. International Selling

Shopify Markets, a feature that enables retailers to expand their business globally and sell to clients in any part of the world. It offers approximately 133 different currencies As a result, customers from this region will find it simpler to compare pricing and make purchases at the business because it can adjust to the local currency.

12. Shopify Security

The most vital part of any ecommerce store is its security and reliability. No business owner would want its financial details to be accessed. Shopify takes care of everything and provides full proof security for your store so that your credentials are safe. SSL certificate can be enabled and in addition, Shopify plus also provides Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

13. Use Shopify Experts

Shopify has experts that can guide you with design, programming, photography, etc. to get the most potential out of your store. You can find them as Shopify lists them according to their location, specialization and price. If you’re stuck somewhere or need an expert’s advice to make the most out of your online store this is the best option for you.



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